JASCO delivers bioacoustics training course at DFO research centre

JASCO scientists Julien Delarue and Marie-Noël Matthews delivered a 2-day course on bioacoustics to 15 researchers and resource managers from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) at the Maurice Lamontagne Institute in Mont-Joli, QC on 20-21 March 2014. The course included modules on:

  • Acoustic fundamentals
  • Sound propagation modelling
  • Effects of anthropogenic noise on marine life
  • Mitigation and modelling of underwater sound
  • International regulatory frameworks for underwater sound
  • Acoustic monitoring programs and equipment
  • Case studies from JASCO’s diverse project portfolio

The knowledge gained from the course will allow the DFO participants to critically review the acoustic component of permit applications that involve underwater noise and evaluate the requirements for, and potential effectiveness of, acoustic monitoring programs associated with approved permits.

JASCO offers the course in English, French and German, including full coursework and delivery in these languages, and tailors the material to meet specific requirements. The course will be available in Spanish later this year.

See Training Courses for more information.