Services / Acoustic Impact Assessments & Mitigation

JASCO Applied Sciences provides scientific consulting for all stages of environmental reviews and assessments of underwater noise. We offer a range of acoustic modelling, field measurements, impact assessment, reporting, and stakeholder liaison services to sectors including:

Balancing industrial activities and environmental conservation

Humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) with calf

We understand the well-founded requirements of regulatory agencies on the one hand, and the realities of industrial operations on the other. Our consulting services help marine industries conduct their business and achieve their goals in an environmentally friendly manner:

  • We assist project stakeholders to find common ground between environmental conservation and operational feasibility, enabling our clients to design and execute their operations to achieve minimal environmental impact and full compliance with regulations

  • Our reputation is founded on solid scientific approaches and unwavering integrity

  • Our scientists are active and well respected in the independent research community

  • We earn the trust of regulators worldwide by providing scientifically defensible assessments

End-to-end services

Our services span all stages of environmental reviews and assessments related to underwater acoustics, allowing us to become involved at all stages of a project or the assessment process:

  • Literature reviews

  • Predictive acoustic modelling for disturbance zones and impact assessment

  • Measuring baseline ambient noise before operations

  • Monitoring and recording mammals for presence, behaviour, etc.

  • Mitigation solutions

  • Field measurements during operations

  • Comprehensive data analysis, interpretation, and reporting

Expert representation

J. Vallarta (JASCO), by  IISD/ENB | D. Noguera

J. Vallarta (JASCO), by IISD/ENB | D. Noguera

Our senior scientists and project managers can defend and clarify our findings at hearings and public consultations and with regulatory agencies and environmental NGOs:

  • For all matters acoustic, we are an independent voice for our clients

  • We present our assessments directly to regulators and stakeholders

  • We prevent misinterpretation of complex metrics and criteria to avoid inappropriate application of noise regulations