Services / Acoustic Data Analysis

Expert data analysis and reporting

JASCO Applied Sciences works with clients to provide the appropriate results when they are needed:

  • Preliminary interpretations of results in the field

  • Fully analyzed and interpreted results in comprehensive reports

  • Synthesis of multi-year results into comprehensive soundscape descriptions

JASCO’s rigorous editorial review process ensures quality in our reports, and our senior scientific reviewers verify each report before delivery to ensure it is scientifically accurate and focused on our client's objectives.

Advanced automated processing and detection algorithms

SpectroPlotter acoustic data analysis software showing automated marine mammal call detections

Our comprehensive data analysis software suites are continually developed and improved to keep abreast of innovations in the field and our own internal research programs. We use high-performance computing clusters to efficiently and reliably process large volumes of acoustic data to provide:

  • Automated detection and identification of marine mammal calls

  • Ambient sound level calculations

  • Seismic survey event detection and quantification

  • Vessel sound detection and quantification

  • Pile-driving sound detection and quantification

Our specialized bio-acousticians review samples to confirm the automated marine mammal detections and identifications; they also interpret the vocalization data in the context of the given project and environment.

Specialized manual analysis

Pacific walrus (Odobenus rosmarus divergens) in the Chukchi Sea, Alaska

Our specialized bio-acousticians review audio samples and spectrograms to confirm the automated marine mammal detections and identifications and to interpret vocalizations in the context of the given project and environment. Analysts review the data to:

  • Identify presence or absence of vocalizations for marine mammal species of interest

  • Classify marine mammal calls by species and call type

  • Identify presence or absence of seismic survey activity

  • Characterize the time and frequency parameters of acoustic events

Our manual analysis protocols are customized to meet the needs of your project.


Real-time analysis: passive acoustic monitoring

Passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) operator in the field detecting marine mammal calls

JASCO analysts provide real-time passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) solutions in the field. The experienced PAM operators listen to the acoustic data and inspect the spectrograms of the measured sound levels in real time. They log all anthropogenic noise events and marine mammal calls and can immediately notify survey operators of marine mammal detections. The raw data and a brief detection report can be provided immediately.