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Scott Carr | Chief Executive Officer

Scott Carr, JASCO Chief Executive Officer

Scott joined JASCO in 1997, bringing to the company 12 years of experience as a Naval Combat Systems Engineering Officer with the Canadian Navy that included the operation, performance analysis, and environmental impact assessment of naval acoustic systems. Scott has worked on numerous engineering and environmental assessment projects dealing with acoustic system performance and sound propagation modelling. His fields of expertise include systematic analysis of the acoustic signatures of air and water guns, propagation modelling and monitoring of underwater sound, and acoustic source detection and localization. Scott conducted his MEng thesis research on the design considerations of a towed array for detection, localization, and classification of marine mammals. 

Scott holds a MBA from Royal Roads University, a MEng in acoustics from Penn State, and a BEng in mechanical engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada.

David Hannay | Chief Science Officer


David has worked as an acoustics scientist with JASCO since 1989. He is experienced in all aspects of underwater sound measurements, signal processing, and acoustic modelling, and has broad expertise in estimating the environmental impacts of underwater noise generated by seismic survey sources, vessels, sonar, explosives, and other industrial equipment and activities. David has published papers on high-resolution measurement of source levels of underwater explosives, geoacoustic methods, and acoustic signal localization. He has planned, managed, and participated in numerous acoustic monitoring programs around the world. 

David holds a MSc in physics (underwater acoustics) and a BSc in physics from the University of Victoria.

Roberto Racca | Chief Communications Officer

Roberto Racca, JASCO Chief Communications Officer

Roberto joined JASCO in 1986. His communication and leadership abilities have been formed and demonstrated over years of scientific work in both academia and the private sector. He has expertise in acoustic source detection and localization, propagation modelling, and monitoring of underwater and airborne sound. Roberto is active in the development of methods and international standards for assessment of acoustic impacts on marine fauna.

Roberto has also worked with distinction in the fields of medical physics and electro-optics. In 1994, he was awarded the Hubert Schardin Gold Medal of the German Physical Institute for his innovative use of CCD imagers in high-speed videography applications. 

Roberto holds a PhD in physics (electro-optics), a MSc in physics (experimental fluid dynamics), and a BSc in physics and applied mathematics from the University of Victoria.