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Acoustic Monitoring of Canada's East Coast

A 2-year, large-scale underwater acoustic monitoring program across eastern Canadian waters funded by ESRF. The first of its kind in Atlantic Canada, this program involved 20 underwater recorders spanning from offshore Halifax to the northern Labrador shelf in waters ranging from 44 to 2000 m.
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BC Fish Sound Project

Cataloging underwater fish sounds across British Columbia: Xavier Mouy, JASCO scientist and PhD student at the University of Victoria, has teamed up with experts in ecology, fish biology, and acoustics and started the BC Fish Sound Project to record and identify underwater fish sounds along the BC coast.
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Ribbon Seals in the Arctic Seas

Ribbon seals inhabit the icy waters of the Arctic and subarctic and are rarely seen by humans. JASCO scientist Dr. Heloise Frouin‑Mouy and others learn more about this elusive species by studying its underwater vocalizations in over a year’s worth of acoustic data spanning a vast area of the Arctic seas.
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