Sound science and technical excellence


JASCO Applied Sciences provides consulting and research services for assessing and mitigating underwater noise. Since its origin in 1981, JASCO has been developing and implementing acoustic technologies ranging from advanced acoustic recorder design to complex acoustic modelling algorithms to comprehensive field monitoring and data analysis.

We provide services for all stages of environmental reviews and assessments of underwater noise. We work with the oil and gas, marine construction, energy, fisheries, and defence sectors providing:

  • Autonomous and real-time passive acoustic monitoring

  • Sound Source Verifications (SSVs) and Characterizations (SSCs)

  • Wide-area marine monitoring programs

  • Acoustic signal processing, interpretation, and reporting

  • Environmental impact assessment of underwater sound

  • Animal movement modelling and take analysis

  • In-air and underwater acoustic modelling

  • Noise mitigation recommendations

  • Stakeholder liaison

  • Efficient project management

  • Training in oceanography, acoustics, and sonar modelling

A world leader in underwater acoustics

JASCO Applied Sciences is a world leader in the science of underwater noise and its effects on marine life. Our highly skilled acousticians, oceanographers, marine biologists, engineers, and technologists provide scientific expertise and advanced acoustic monitoring equipment for all aspects of acoustic impact assessments. We provide worldwide services from offices in North America, Europe, and Australia.

Leading edge technology

We design, develop, and manufacture state-of-the-art data acquisition systems to meet project demands for quality, endurance, and performance. With intelligent design and superior flexibility, our Autonomous Multichannel Acoustic Recorder (AMAR) provides pristine data quality, advanced configuration options, and extended deployment lifetimes that are unrivaled in the industry.

Rapid innovation

JASCO is a recognized leader in software and hardware development, rapid prototyping, and systems integration for underwater monitoring. Our success is founded on our unique ability to work quickly and cost-effectively, dramatically reducing the time-to-launch for sophisticated information systems and technologies.

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