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JASCO Applied Sciences performs over 100 acoustic recorder deployments every year capturing over 20 terabytes of passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) data. Our specially trained and experienced field scientists are committed to providing comprehensive and cost-effective acoustic monitoring services anywhere, under any conditions.

Specialized passive acoustic monitoring programs

JASCO’s scientists and engineers custom design each measurement program with the specific mission objectives in mind, ensuring that our clients’ needs to satisfy all regulatory requirements are met. We provide valid and defensible scientific results to:

  • Characterize and mitigate industrial noise

  • Confirm safety zones and radii used in ongoing operations through Sound Source Verification (SSV) and Characterization (SSC) measurements

  • Assess existing shipping activity and ambient/background sound levels

  • Determine marine fauna presence, abundance, and habitat use through autonomous or real-time passive acoustic monitoring

  • Confirm effectiveness of acoustic deterrents, depredation mitigation, and bycatch pingers


Short- and long-term autonomous measurements

Preparing an underwater sound recorder for an acoustic monitoring deployment

Unlike aerial and vessel-based visual surveys, our autonomous recorders capture underwater sound and detect marine animals through their vocalizations in all weather and light conditions. We deploy underwater recorders for days, weeks, or months to characterize all types of industrial sound sources including:

  • Geotechnical survey sources such as airgun arrays, seismic sources, and active sonar

  • Vessels of all types and sizes such as tankers, tugs, and ice breakers

  • Construction activities such as pile driving, blasting, dredging, and drilling

  • Oil and gas exploration sources such as drill ships, platforms, and support vessels

  • Renewable energy installations such as wind, wave, and tidal generators

We also perform multi-year acoustic monitoring over large areas to determine regional and long-term acoustic effects.

Real-time monitoring

JASCO’s innovative technologies provide real-time streaming and analysis of underwater sound. Our experienced acousticians can monitor and interpret the sounds in the ocean in real-time with:

  • Acoustic telemetry buoys

  • Towed arrays

  • Cabled hydrophones

We can detect marine mammal calls in real-time during operations and can verify that industrial noise levels remain within acceptable limits in ecologically sensitive areas.

Innovative solutions

JASCO designs, develops, and manufactures state-of-the-art data acquisition systems and rugged field equipment to meet project demands for quality, endurance, and performance. With intelligent design and superior flexibility, our Autonomous Multichannel Acoustic Recorder (AMAR) provides advanced configuration options and extended deployment lifetimes, be it high sample rates for detecting high frequency dolphin calls, support for hydrophone arrays for localizing sources, or optimized power use for extended deployments.

Our specially designed and manufactured scientific equipment and moorings provide quality data in any environment, through solutions that include:

  • High-strength pressure housings for deep deployments

  • Vertical arrays of hydrophones

  • High-flow moorings to minimize pseudonoise from water flowing around the hydrophone

  • Innovative moorings for anchoring in extreme tidal areas

  • Effective isolation of anchors and hardware to reduce mooring noise


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