About / JASCO’s Quality Policy

Our primary goal is to achieve and maintain excellence in our field through timely and consistent provision of products and services that meet or exceed client expectations and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

We shall accomplish this through the effective application and continual improvement of our Quality Management System and procedures, which have been developed in accordance with ISO 9001 and other standards as applicable.

Our quality objectives, established and endorsed at both the corporate and process levels, will be communicated to all members of the JASCO Team and regularly reviewed for suitability and congruency with our evolving activities.

Our success depends on the performance of our equipment and the level of integrity, professionalism and scientific expertise demonstrated by our Team. The main drivers of our excellence are pride in our work and consistent adherence to our principles and quality standards. All members of JASCO have the responsibility to understand and execute applicable processes and procedures and to identify opportunities for improvement.

This policy has the full support and approval of JASCO’s Directors and Executive Management.