The Halifax Chronicle Herald posts article about JASCO’s experience in exporting

John Moloney discussed JASCO’s experience with exporting in a recent interview with The Chronicle Herald newspaper in Halifax, NS. JASCO is a global services company, and as such “we go where our customers need us,” says Moloney.

Moloney says exporters need to be prepared before entering a new market. “Know your value proposition,” he advises. Companies may have to deal with potential clients who are hesitant to hire a foreign entity.

JASCO currently has offices in four countries across three continents, but its projects span a far wider range of locations. The scientific quality of JASCO’s work is the company’s best defence against being undercut by local competitors, points out Moloney.

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  John Moloney is  JASCO's Business Development Manager. Photo by  Meghan Tansey Whitton .

John Moloney is JASCO's Business Development Manager. Photo by Meghan Tansey Whitton.