Equipment / Ocean Sound Meter

Underwater sound level meter and recorder


Ocean Sound Meter underwater sound level meter shown with laptop and headphones

The Ocean Sound Meter is built on the proven AMAR G3 platform.

What's in the box

Interface module in a watertight (non-submersible) enclosure
Hydrophone and cable
Ethernet and USB power cables
Ocean Sound Meter software application (installation CD)

Signal acquisition performance

Sample rates: 2–128 ksps
Spectral noise floor: Better than −150 dB re FS at 128 ksps
Data storage format: WAV (uncompressed)
Single or dual-channel operation

Hydrophone options

Various customizable options.
Sensitivities and frequencies tailored to your needs.

Standard high sensitivity hydrophone:
     Nominal sensitivity: −164 dBV re 1 μPa @ 1 kHz
     Frequency response: 17 Hz to 150 kHz

Standard low sensitivity hydrophone:
Nominal sensitivity: −200 dBV re 1 μPa @ 1 kHz
     Frequency response: 17 Hz to 150 kHz


Watertight (non-submersible) enclosure rating: IP67, NEMA 1, 2, 4, 4X, and UL-508
Operating temperature: −5 to 50 °C
Storage temperature: −30 to 55 °C
Ruggedized transport case


Interface module enclosure: 28.0 cm L × 20.0 cm W × 7.1 cm H
Cable length: 30 m (or longer upon request)
Power: USB (5.0 VDC, 500 mA) from your computer or a USB power adapter 


Audio playback in real-time, or review of a selected window of interest
Displays sound pressure levels and sound exposure levels (peak SPL, rms SPL, and cumulative SEL) for the entire recording or for user selected portions of data
Detects impulses in real time and displays the sound levels
Configurable detection parameters to suit the sound source
For Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems

Optional add-ons

AC power adapter
Extended hydrophone cable or breakout cable
Ruggedized notebook computer with pre-installed Ocean Sound Meter software

Due to continued product development, these specifications are subject to change without notice.

Contact us for pricing and customization options.