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Underwater sound level meter and recorder

Key Features

The ideal solution for underwater sound measurements

Perform underwater sound measurements of pile driving with the OSM underwater sound level meter

Because it is precisely calibrated, the Ocean Sound Meter accurately quantifies sound levels from any type of underwater source or activity. Sound levels are displayed in real time for immediate assessment:

  • Peak sound pressure level (peak SPL in dB re 1 µPa)

  • Root-mean-square sound pressure level (rms SPL in in dB re 1 µPa)

  • IEC 61672 fast-time weighted sound pressure level

  • Cumulative sound exposure level (SEL in dB re 1 µPa²·s)

See and hear underwater sound in real time

Passive acoustic monitoring of Pacific walrus (Odobenus rosmarus divergens) in the Chukchi Sea, Alaska

Unlike traditional sound level meters, the Ocean Sound Meter software displays a large full-colour spectrogram of the acquired acoustic signal so you can visualize the frequency content of underwater sound. You can listen to the sound as you record it, or review selected periods. The sound level metrics are displayed in real time and the data are recorded to WAV files on your computer to easily manage noise exposure data.

Built-in Impulse Detector

OSM underwater sound level meter measurements of impact pile driving

The built-in Impulse Detector instantly quantifies peak and rms sound levels of each transient acoustic event, such as a strike of a pile driver, for on-the-spot assessment. The sound level readings for each impulse event are saved to a CSV file on your computer for automated log-keeping. You can configure the Detector parameters to suit the sound source of interest.

Compact and easily deployed from any vessel

JASCO field scientist deploying the hydrophone of the OSM underwater sound level meter

Unlike bulky autonomous underwater recorders, the compact Ocean Sound Meter is designed for easy deployment from any vessel or platform. Simply connect the watertight (non-submersible) enclosure to your computer via the provided network cable and deploy the hydrophone over the side. The current-loop hydrophone of the Ocean Sound Meter provides high fidelity recordings free of background hiss with a standard underwater cable length of 30 m or optionally longer.

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