Sectors / Oil & Gas, Geoscience

Photo of a seismic survey vessel towing hydrophone streamers.

JASCO Applied Sciences provides scientific consulting services for all stages of environmental reviews and assessments related to underwater and in-air acoustics.

Our services benefit:

  • Oil and gas companies of all sizes

  • Geophysical survey providers

  • Environmental consulting firms

  • Logistics providers

Comprehensive acoustic services

Our services encompass all types of underwater noise impact assessments related to oil and gas exploration and production and geoscience, including:

  • Seismic and geophysical surveys

  • Drill ships and platforms

  • Support vessels of all types

  • Construction, nearshore and offshore

  • Port and terminal construction and expansion, and subsequent vessel traffic

Effective project management: Liaison with all stakeholders

In large projects with numerous subcontractors and/or joint sponsors, logistics are complex. In such a project environment, the technical regulations for preventing underwater acoustic impacts can be especially challenging to implement.

JASCO’s experienced project managers and field scientists liaise with project sponsors, contractors, and regulators to ensure that the scope of our work is targeted to meet all objectives. We help stakeholders find common ground between environmental conservation and operational feasibility, so operations can be designed and executed with minimal environmental impact and in full compliance with regulations while still heeding project scope considerations.

We help our clients determine what is needed and when, including:

  • What the regulations are

  • How the regulations apply to each project and operation

  • What measures are required (predictive sound modelling, measurements, mitigation, etc.)

  • How those measures may be implemented

Adaptable operations

Our equipment is readily tailored to our clients’ constraints and resources. We deploy equipment from project work vessels of any size, from large survey vessels, to support tugs, to small rigid inflatables. Our compact, lightweight instruments require little space onboard ship and transfer easily between vessels to accommodate changing operational constraints and conditions. We also offer fully containerized solutions for large-scale deployments of multiple recording stations.

Our extensive range of measurement capabilities offers versatile solutions to satisfy our clients’ requirements:

  • Autonomous underwater recorders for short and long deployments

  • Acoustic telemetry buoys for real-time monitoring

  • Towed arrays for passive acoustic monitoring of marine life

  • Cabled hydrophones for nearshore measurements

  • Cabled hydrophones deployed from vessels for rapid measurements and characterizations