JASCO celebrates Earth Day 2017

This year the JASCO Applied Sciences (Canada) team participated in Earth Day by cleaning up litter and helping with the restoration of native plants in habitats overrun by invasive species.

On 3 May, the Victoria office staff met lead volunteer Hoke Holcomb and assistants at the Gardens at Horticulture Centre of the Pacific, who led them through an intensive morning of outdoor work. The JASCO team helped the Centre in their effort to recreate a fully functioning Douglas fir and Garry oak ecosystem, a component of the conservation park. A nesting Canada Goose, snakes, hummingbirds and a red-breasted sapsucker witnessed the group clear blackberry brambles to make way for native edibles like strawberries, and plant Garry oaks and cedar trees. 

On 25 April, Dartmouth staff removed a large amount of litter from areas around their Industrial Park, surpassing their record of the prior year. Emily Maxner and Katie Kowarski, the Dartmouth office’s enthusiastic sustainability leads, organized the event. Neighbouring businesses complimented JASCO staff on their Earth Day initiative and expressed a desire to take part in future activities.