About / Mission, Vision & Values

Integrity… in people, in science, in service


Our mission is to channel the power of bright minds to provide professional services and optimal solutions through innovative application of science and technology. Long-term sustainability, increasing fundamental knowledge, and understanding and managing human impacts on the environment are important elements of our mission.

Our vision is value-building growth through global delivery of professional, innovative, science- and technology-based solutions, inspired by excellence, sustained through employee commitment.

We value our clients

We are committed to providing outstanding services and solutions to our clients. Our focus is delivering the best value for our clients in terms of responsiveness, reliability, quality, viable solutions, and competitive rates. We work continuously to develop our ability to help our clients succeed. 

We value our people

Our work depends on our people. We foster a culture of openness, frankness, and mutual respect in all communications between our employees at all levels and an atmosphere of professionalism, respect, diversity, commitment, and camaraderie. We invite and recognize employee involvement. We encourage and mentor the intellectual and professional development of our people. 

We value excellence

We strive for excellence in delivering services and expertise to ensure that our competence and scientific credibility is second to none. 

We value integrity

Honesty and integrity are the foundation of how we do business. As a company, we carry out research and tasks that influence environmental compliance by our clients but that are difficult for others to monitor and assess, so we take pride in the trust shown in us.

We value innovation 

We maintain a stimulating environment of innovation, challenge, and reward, in which individual and corporate ability to address new problems is nurtured and improved.