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Photo by  S. Dakin

Photo by S. Dakin

JASCO provides noise assessment services for the planning, installation, and operation phases of:

  • In-stream tidal turbines

  • Wind turbines

  • Wave energy devices

  • Undersea cable installation

Assessing underwater noise emissions and the effect of noise on marine wildlife are often important environmental requirements for regulatory approvals of offshore and nearshore energy projects. JASCO Applied Sciences has performed specialized underwater and airborne noise science for over 30 years, and we have performed environmental assessments pertaining to underwater noise for over 20 years. We provide the noise assessment frameworks and regulatory liaison when requesting approvals for energy developments.

Preventing “over-regulation”

Underwater acoustic science is complex and multifaceted. JASCO works with governments and regulators to ensure appropriate and consistent regulatory guidelines are applied to energy projects.

Objective, scientifically defensible assessments

We enable our clients to satisfy regulatory requirements by providing scientifically defensible assessments of their projects. We present our assessments directly to regulators and ensure that noise regulations are applied correctly. We regularly perform public presentations of acoustic data and adjust the level of presentation detail to match the topics of interest and the technical background of the given audience.

Photo by  N. Doherty

Photo by N. Doherty