Equipment / AMAR G3

Autonomous Multichannel Acoustic Recorder
Generation 3

No longer available for purchase. Contact us for lease options or see the AMAR G4.

Key Features

Superior data quality

The breakthrough design of the AMAR electronics provides an extremely low noise floor that lets you measure quiet or distant events. The 24-bit data sampling gives accurate measurements over a wider range of sound levels than traditional 16-bit systems.

Efficient by design for extended deployments


The AMAR is optimized to use as little power as possible:

  • Solid-state memory custom designed to consume very little power

  • Leading-edge hardware and software purpose-built for intelligent, ultra-low power usage achieved by turning off unused components

  • Large memory capacity up to 1792 GB for extended deployments, even at high sample rates

  • Extended-life battery options

  • Highly configurable duty-cycling (power saving) options

With fewer batteries, the AMAR G3 is smaller and lighter than other recorders. It offers longer deployments and fewer service trips.

Survives extreme conditions

Acoustic monitoring deployment of an AMAR in the Arctic

The AMAR is built to perform in the harshest conditions. The rugged, industrial design has been field tested in extreme environments, from the heat of northern Australia to the sub-freezing oceans of the Arctic. The custom-designed solid-state storage memory is more mechanically resilient than traditional hard-disk drives. Data can be downloaded without opening the pressure housing, so the AMAR electronics are protected from the environment.

The flexible solution: versatile and configurable

AMAR acoustic recorder and external battery pack on a mooring plate

Advanced configuration options meet your performance demands. Whether studying effects of vessel noise on low frequency call rates of baleen whales off Alaska, or high-frequency clicks of dolphins in the Great Barrier Reef:

  • Eight 24-bit acoustic channels at up to 128 ksps

  • The high-speed 16-bit acoustic channel offers ground-breaking sample rates up to 687.5 ksps

  • Multiple digital and analog interfaces to support oceanographic data sensors or integrate into your existing systems

  • Choose between Standard (250 m) and Deep (2500 m) models

JASCO works closely with hydrophone manufacturers to develop the right system for your unique needs. The AMAR is compact and lightweight for cost-effective, fast, easy deployments by hand. Buy or lease custom-designed moorings or use our specialized mounting brackets to secure the AMAR to your own gear.

Intuitive user interface

The AMAR Comms Box instantly displays the AMAR’s status. And it connects the AMAR to your computer with a standard Ethernet cable to configure the AMAR and download data.

The AMARlink software is designed for usability: easy to learn and easy to use. Set up multiple sampling rates, duty cycles, and recording schedules with ease. Save your recording schedules for quick and easy reuse. Download all or some of your data at the click of a button.

No longer available for purchase. Contact us for lease options or see the AMAR G4.