Equipment / AMAR G4

Autonomous Multichannel Acoustic Recorder
Generation 4



AMAR G4 Brochure
AMAR model options, battery pack options, and specifications
Letter size (PDF)

AMAR G4 / OceanObserver System Comparison
Descriptions of individual components, many of which are shared with the OceanObserver system
Letter size (PDF)

Mooring Designs and Components
Field-tested deployment and mooring solutions for AMARs and ancillary equipment
Letter size (PDF) A4 size (PDF)

User Manual

AMAR G4 User Manual (sample)
Instruction manual for the standard model, AMAR G4 ACE
Letter size (PDF)

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For AMAR support resources including complete user guides, software updates and release notes, and technical bulletins, contact JASCO Technical Support.