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Whale Trail

JASCO has collaborated with the Vancouver Aquarium to bring you the following marine mammal vocalizations. The Land-Based Whale Watching project is part of the Whale Trail, an initiative that supports on-shore locations from which the public can see orcas and other marine mammals and report their sightings to B.C. Cetacean Sightings Network.

Marine Mammal Sounds

To make the Grey whale audiofile audible, we've sped the sound file up 7 times faster than normal.

Because Dall's and Harbour porpoise clicks are indistinguishable from one another the audiofile refers to them simply as "Porpoise".
To make the porpoise audiofile audible, we increased the volume 20 times and slowed it down 6 times from normal.

Steller sea lions recorded by Cory Hawthorne at the Vancouver Aquarium.

Bamfield Marine Science Centre – Bamfield