Equipment / AMAR G3

Autonomous Multichannel Acoustic Recorder
Generation 3


JASCO's underwater acoustic recorder and oceanographic observatory, the Autonomous Multichannel Acoustic Recorder Generation 3 (AMAR G3)


Maximum depth:                    Standard (500 m)
                                               Deep (2500 m)
                                               Ultra Deep (6700 m)
Operating temperature:          −5 to 50 °C
Storage temperature:             −18 to 55 °C
Vibration resilience:                Tested to withstand transport by air, ground, or vessel


Dimensions: (D × L):             16.5 x 57.2 cm
Material:                                 PVC, anodized aluminum, 316 stainless steel
Weight in air:                          10 kg
Weight in seawater:               1 kg

Hydrophones & Arrays

Customizable options from various manufacturers. 
Sensitivities and frequencies tailored to your needs. 
Example sensitivities:            −164 dB re 1 V/μPa @ 1 kHz
                                               −210 dB re 1 V/μPa @ 1 kHz
Example frequencies:            1 Hz to 50 kHz
                                               5 Hz to 100 kHz
                                               20 Hz to150 kHz
Acoustic sensors:                   Omnidirectional hydrophones
                                               Directional hydrophones
                                               Vector sensors
                                               Small linear arrays
                                               Small spatial arrays


Operating voltage:                  7–16 Vdc
AC power adapter:                 110–240 V, 50–60 Hz, 0.5 A
Internal battery pack:              9 alkaline D-cells
External battery packs:           48, 96, or 144 alkaline D-cells

Memory & recording

Solid-state flash memory:       256–1792 GB
Recording lifetime:                 Over 1 year depending on configuration
Acoustic data format:             WAV
Non-acoustic data format:      CSV

Eight 24-bit acoustic channels

ADC banks:                           Two banks of 4 channels; each bank has selectable sample rate
Sample rates:                         2–128 ksps
Spectral noise floor:               Better than −150 dB re FS at 128 ksps
Gain settings:                         0–42 dB

High speed, 16-bit acoustic channel

Sample rates:                        125–687.5 ksps
Dynamic range:                     14.5 effective bits
Voltage:                                 0–4.5 V peak-to-peak

Ten oceanographic sensor channels

Sensor options:                      Oxygen
                                               Orientation (roll-pitch-yaw)
                                               Others upon request
Eight analog channels:
        Sample rate:                   1 sps
        Voltage:                          −10 to +10 V
Two digital serial channels:    RS-232 and RS-485 

Due to continued product development, these specifications are subject to change without notice.

No longer available for purchase. Contact us for lease options or see the AMAR G4.